Bugs 101

Entomology, the quintessential study of agriculture and agronomy, if it weren’t for the people that study insects, we would probably not have as many crops as we do today and many people would be hungry.

Good thing we have courses like the one i am doing on www.coursera.org, it is called Bugs 101, and it is a very interesting intro into the curious world of insects and other creatures like them and how they interact with us and our crops daily, and some of the insect population is extremely helpful and how others are extremely unhelpful and even harmful to our crops and lifestyle.

We must not forget that there are also many helpful insects that not only hunt down pests, but help renew areas that may have been devastated by other creatures, because where there’s insects, birds, mammals, reptiles and many more are almost guaranteed one step behind them. With millions of species discovered and many more still being found and cataloged, i am sure that there will never be an end to discoveries about insects.

Moving on, what is entomology, before all you farmers raise your hands and tell the whole class, I’ll give you the rundown: entomology is the study of insects in an agricultural field, and it is VERY useful for dealing with crop sickness and disease, as insects can not only eat crops, but spread diseases.

Insects are wonderful creatures with a diversity that is almost unprecedented. (By The Way: Bugs 101 is absolutely free, just make an account on Coursera) 

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you all in the next one 


Growing the Future Podcast

Back in August at the Ag Smart show in Olds I got to chat with Terry Aberhart for the Growing the Future Podcast! What a great time we had talking about farming, the future and ag tech.

Here is the link…

And exciting news will be coming soon for Ag Tech STEAM!

This is your chance to share your ideas around what you’d like to see for content packs (activities and partners)! We are so excited to share more soon…from hack to reality. Here we come!

What’s going on?

We had such a GREAT time at Ag Smart Olds – made some awesome connections, saw old friends and made new ones. And of course saw DOT. And shared about Mini DOT 2.0 and Ag Tech Steam.

It is almost back to school for most of my friends, and we are looking at this last week of ‘summer’ as a way to get ready and to squeeze in as much summer as we can!

If you are wondering about how to get more coding at your school check out Code Mobile ! They will come right to your school and teach all your grades about the amazing fun of tech and coding. How cool is that? Then you can start your own Code Club with Kids Code…and enter to win some MicroBits! They are a lot of fun to code with. We had them at our school and it was AWESOME!

What’s new with Ag Tech Steam? We are working on building some content packs for fall – so this is your chance to tell us which ones you’d like to see first! Send your ideas to us in the comments, or share on social (TW, IG and FB)

Are you ready for Ag Smart Olds?

Checking the code, once twice and more…

So excited that we are set up and ready for the Ag Smart Show in Olds for the next two days. Hopefully you can stop by and see all the amazing things Mini DOT 2.0 has to show you…she has her seeder and her sprayer and two new things that will BLOW your mind!

I will also be showing some coding and talking about my project Ag Tech Steam Box and why it is close to my heart. And why it is important to our future…

Check out our posts from the show, and maybe even a live video or two on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Ag In Motion 2019

What’s going on?

We had a GREAT time at Ag in Motion last week in Saskatoon.

Mini DOT 2.0 did really well, she even ran on the grass without issue! Everyone loved seeing her (thanks DOT for letting me show her off at your Demonstration!).

We are going to be at Ag Smart in Olds in August and when I get back from Camp I will be working on some more Ag Tech fun to show off!

If you want you can follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more videos and pics!

Intelligent Systems & Robotics

What would be worth skipping school for? An Intelligent Systems and Robotics Seminar! (put on by the amazing folks at ACAMP (Advanced Technology Development Group). Maybe not your typical ‘Mom approved’ skip worthy event but in our house it most definitely was!

Hey guys, back at it again! Getting ready for the end of the school year but I just wanted to tell you guys about my Experience at the ACAMP Technology and AI Seminar.

It was REALLY good, I got to meet some amazing people sharing about some amazing things (Autonomous security ATV! For real!) and check-in with old friends.

The ideas that were shared at the seminar were on point and perfectly tailored to today’s problems and work that was already being done was astounding. Somethings I was sure were ‘Sci Fi’ are IRL (in real life).

I just wanted a chance to thank Owen Kinch of DOT for his great presentation. I loved seeing the more technical presentation about her, she really is amazing. Got me thinking so much about sensors and how she will ‘learn’. It was impressive to see how many people came up to ask about #agtech and #agriculture after. DOT has some new fans I think! ❤

Also it was great meeting Steve and Moji – looking forward to learning from you guys. I appreciate your time to talk with me, and to follow up with the emails too.

It was great meeting everyone, and the people there were all so friendly and open to questions. I have tons of notes and some neat ideas.

The only complaint i had was the fact that there was not enough SWEET AND SOUR CHICKEN, but seriously the lunch was amazing and so were the people, Thanks to ACAMP for doing the event!

Hello DOT! Still lovely as ever! @SeeDotRun
Check out what else is going on at ACAMP! They are on Twitter! https://twitter.com/acampalberta

Friday STEAM

Working on a day off from school on the fun stuff! STEAM anyone?

Long long weekend! Our farm guys, my Dad included, are doing their best to get #plant19 done, and acres in before it rains.

Me – I’ve been doing some fun STEAM things. Like working on my Mini DOT 2.0 which will make her debut this summer at #AgInMotion and will be at other shows as well. Check out the real DOT at https://seedotrun.com/

My Mini DOT 2.0 will be bigger and be more like the actual DOT in how she works and looks. Working with LEGO Technics and Mindstorms EV3 is a fun challenge!! Some days more challenge than fun but mostly fun.

If you want to see Mini DOT 1.0 ? Check here: https://www.todayville.com/mind-blowing-driverless-farm-implements-featured-by-know-ideas-media/

So we are working on the next version, she is bigger, badder and cooler. Oh and so is the real DOT. She is super cool!

What STEAM things do you like to do on a day off? Code, build, create or dream of the next project? I would love to see and hear about your projects!