Be outstanding. Be the one that stands out and makes the future amazing!

In January we joined the amazing folks at the Emerging Agriculture Hackathon in Saskatoon. We pitched. We worked. We presented. We won. Wait what…we won? Yes we did!

So now we launch!

Welcome to Ag Tech STEAM. We will be sharing awesome curated content and some we’ve developed ourselves. Also some cool projects we are working on as well as news and good stuff from the world of Ag and Tech.

Our mandate is to reach rural youth – and we are rural youth ourselves. Growing up rural has so many advantages but the drawbacks cannot be ignored. So we are going to build some bridges so that you can enjoy both – living out here and engaging with amazing Ag Tech and STEAM!

Have questions, or ideas? Email or message us! We are like a field of corn – all ears! đŸ˜€

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